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CNWL took part in and won their first race of the Beetle Car Challenge last weekend. The car was re-built by CNWL students and lecturers. Its the white car that wins at the end!

Phil Sugden took his EFL students down the Thames on one of London’s City Cruisers, from the London Eye to Greenwich, as part of Phil’s popular 'EFL Social Programme’. Future trips include the Tower of London and a day trip to Cambridge. Here they are by the Greenwich Observatory.

Phil Sugden took his EFL students down the Thames on one of London’s City Cruisers, from the London Eye to Greenwich, as part of Phil’s popular 'EFL Social Programme’. Future trips include the Tower of London and a day trip to Cambridge. Here they are by the Greenwich Observatory.

Film success for former student and single parent


A FORMER STUDENT of the Year at the College of North West London who has gone on to become an actor, presenter and film producer has released a film this month called ‘The Story of Lover’s Rock’, which she worked on with award winning  film director, Menelik Shabazz, now showing at cinemas across London.

Paulette Harris-German (stage name), from Willesden, has worked as an Associate Producer on the film which sold out on its first screenings at the Rio Dalston, Ritzy Brixton and Odeon Streatham, prompting more dates to be set across the Capital including the West End.

‘Lover’s Rock’ itself is a type of music which is a uniquely ‘Black British’ sound that developed in the late 70s and 80s against a backdrop of riots, racial tension and sound systems. The film itself looks to grasp the atmosphere of these times and highlight how ‘Lover’s Rock’ music defined a generation and had a huge impact on British Pop Culture.

Speaking about why this film is important and her experiences co-producing, Paulette said: “It was incredibly exciting to work on this film, knowing that it is a particularly important documentary for Londoners, in particular to young people who are first generation British born. The music itself was born south of the river.

The genre forms the foundation of the sound of many successful bands in the 80’s whose music was heavily influenced by the ‘Lover’s Rock’ sound. Despite international success the genre has been hugely ignored by the British mainstream, and this film aims to set the record straight.”

Mother of three (a foster mother at the time), Paulette, originally studied an Access to Theatre Studies course at the College of North West London after being made redundant before going on to secure a BA in Performing Arts and Drama at Middlesex University.

Speaking about the course she took at CNWL, Paulette said: “The Access course I did at the College was absolutely brilliant, because it was my gateway back into education, it gave me the necessary contemporary knowledge of how to construct and research for essays and academic study.  The tutors and winning the Student of the Year award also gave me the confidence I needed to take the ‘Uni plunge’ and to push on from there.”

Paulette went on to tackle a wide range of theatre and media work in the UK and abroad, and in 2006 was appointed London Roots Project Co-ordinator in charge of raising ethnic cultural programming for the BBC in the capital, acting also as liaison between artists and the Arts Council England.

Paulette was also a Shortlisted Nominee: UK Government’s 2009 Child Poverty Awards - Inspirational Parent category, and has appeared as an Extra in: Bridget Jones Diary, Dynotopia, Lost in Space, Kavanagh QC, The Bill, Eastenders, Thief Takers, and Bad Girls. She has also been actively involved at the Tricycle theatre in Kilburn for many years, as part of a number of productions including working with the BBC on the play: ‘The Colour of Justice’- The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry.

Asked what has driven her to push her talent whilst being a dedicated single parent, Paulette said: “My passion for and involvement in performing arts even as a child has always been very strong, but once I graduated from the College and University and gaining gaining my qualifications my interests in this industry have grown and grown.

Through this I have got to know so many talented people who have given me so many opportunities to put my creativity into action.”

In the media industry it is not just who you know, but who knows you, and asked what advice she would give current ambitious students who want to make it in this field, Paulette said: “You need to be very patient and flexible at all times. You need strong communication skills to be able to interact at all levels. This industry changes all the time, so you need to keep abreast of what is new, in technique, equipment, and language. You have to be integral in all that you do. Work hard, and always go over and above the call of duty. ‘Luck is when Preparation meets Opportunity’.  Be Ready!

For me being a single parent whilst developing these attributes and pursuing my dreams was difficult, but still very possible. I always knew that my children would grow up and that I would be able to pursue my career then.  So it was important to always keep my hand in, through volunteering on other peoples projects to keep my skills and experience current.  Through this amd my Life Coaching training, I intend to be an example to current arts students, and particularly single mothers, to help them develop their talent, confidence and to encourage them to live into their visions.” 

Don’t miss your chance to see ‘The Story of Lover’s Rock’, this autumn and get inspired


To all the ladies, have a go at football at CNWL!

To all the ladies, have a go at football at CNWL!

Get involved in Basketball at CNWL!

Get involved in Basketball at CNWL!

Things are going well for CNWL students who are showcasing their interactive touch screen device down at WorldSkills London 2011. Crowds of people are showing interest in what they have created.

Black History Month

Wednesday 5th October, 12-2pm, WE101, Willesden.
Talawa Theatre Company
Come along to take part in a Drama workshop with theatre group Talawa explaining what it means to be black and British. 
The Talawa Theatre Company was founded in London in 1985 by Jamaican born Yvonne Brewster, Mona Hammond, Carmen Munroe and Inigo Espejel. It has become the UK’s most prominent black theatre company. It has produced award-winning plays from and about the African Diaspora and has championed reinterpretations of classical British pieces.

'Have a Go' sessions are currently going on at the Willesden campus, including catering, fashion, beauty, and graphic design.